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Steady and slow improvement in  auction clearance rates in Sydney, with many regions preliminary clearance rates gone up to above 80%. This is a strong sign of market improvement.

Melbourne property market, although much weaker, has stepped up with a surge in listings, auctions and sales.



The Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to a record low of 0.1 per cent. 

What does it mean to you if a variable mortgage

  1. Check the interest rate on your home loan. Is it competitive? Are better deals available?
  2. Check if your lender plans to pass on the rate cut.
  3. If not, ask your lender for a better deal.
  4. Regardless, start comparing rates on the market and look for a better deal.
  5. Once youʹve found a better rate apply for the new loan. Thereʹs some paperwork involved but once accepted your new lender will take care of the switching for you.


All data updated for "RiseToInvest" 


Dear registered buyers,


The Federal Government has just announced today they will be extending the New Home Builder Grant for a further 3 months to eligible applicants.  

Talk of the grant to be extended, has been a topic throughout the property and building industry since the commencement of the scheme back in June 2020. The program was put in place to assist the construction industry and shortfall of new dwellings through the pandemic.

The HomeBuilder scheme currently provides $25,000 grants to eligible people building a new home renovating an existing one.

The extension to the HomeBuilder program will now include:


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